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a channel for my life’s work and what I have to offer

connecting people within, so they don’t go without

a channel for my life’s work and what I have to offer

connecting people within, so they don’t go without

everything I offer,

challenges you to balance out & grow to prosper.

“We cannot solve our problems, with the same thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein

in everything I do,

my aim is hitting the mark.

I am focused on innovating how you think, and shifting your limiting beliefs to solve resistance, silent struggle, stress or disconnect. So that you can reach clarity, freedom and prosperity from inside out.

I help leaders, organisations, achievers and the ambitious unlock clarity for prosperity & freedom.

What’s exciting about that is today, there’s never been a more opportunistic and important time to bring that through for individuals and organisations.

Yet, what we see is people disconnected, overwhelmed and seeking clarity.

We are stressed, over committed and under delivering.

There is a bridge for working intelligently, being effective and having the freedom & prosperity on offer with aligned innovation and skill.

The Prosperity Life Principle

This principle of understanding was developed to serve as a baseline in any important and meaningful service that I conduct and facilitate..

A short form

straight to the point podcast

covering important and often complex understandings into easy to digest

information to help you grow.

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He is one of the best in the business, and brings out the very best”.

I have worked 1:1 with Dan, and with the squad, and he is one of the best. He takes you on a journey to find whats important to you, and exactly how to bring out the very best in what ever you are looking to achieve. Dan has developed and grown our teams mindset through his methods. He builds awareness and belief from the core, driving behaviour and creating positive change. Whether it be yoga, one on one’s, team building, leadership and breatwork facilitation.


FIFA World Cup & International Football Player

“Dan provides life changing transformation to individual, teams and communities on scale- a powerhouse”

Dan is a phenomenal, spiritual powerhouse that I have been fortunate enough to have worked with. He has developed himself over the years to understand how to change the mind, body and soul of those that he works with. I have been fortunate enough to see first hand the wonders that he works. I cannot recommend Dan highly enough. He provides life changing transformation, to individual, teams and communities on scale.


Accountant & Business Strategist/ Coach

“Dan is an inspiration & catalyst. His teachings & program changed my misguided perspective on life.

I realised through him as a 64yr old, I had so much more to learn about myself, to grow. His teachings & program changed my misguided perspective on life. I suffer severe depression and anxiety, constantly procrastinating about what has happened in the past and worrying about what may happen tomorrow. Starting with the man in the mirror as MJ says. Self love is the building block for a more meaningful and happier life. I now mindfully try to focus just on now….. on this moment in time, since that is the key to self awareness and joy. Thanks a million Dan, for being you!


Vetenary Neurologist & Neurosurgeon

“What you’ve done for me is beyond words, it’s flowing”

You know, what you’ve done for me this year Dan is beyond words. I feel so content, peaceful. From the very bottom of my heart! Thank you! What phenomenal stuff. What a year! Everything I set out to achieve, is flowing. Hard work at the start. Now, it’s effortless.



“Dan creates space so well while offering strategic tools to get the job done”

As someone who lives for the connection and self growth experienced within retreats, Dan’s immersion was all of that. Having the space to understand ourselves on a deeper level and create change is hard to come by in the real world, yet Dan creates that space so well while offering strategic tools to get the job done. If the retreat was the immersion, I would describe coming back to reality as the expansion!


Australia's No#1 Barber

“I never could of predicted the growth I’d have in 8 days”

Dan’s immersion came at the right time, but I never could have predicted the growth I’d have in 8 days, or the strengths I would uncover. Each day was so unique, It gave me a turning point in my life. I now see clearer and wider after taking a big step back, to step further forward. I took away confidence, greater emotional intelligence and a new perspective. I’d hate to think where I’d be without the Bali Immersion.


Creator & Director