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your energy, your every word coming out of your mouth has the ability to change someone’s life.

You can talk to minds and meet people on that level.

You can speak to the heart of people and connect through
the language of the body.

But when your word, action and example speak in sync.

You become a leader and that’s how people are changed.

A wise mentor of mine once offered:

 “The world has enough teachers, it needs more examples”.

– Duncan Peak

I have had the privilege of speaking and facilitating all around the globe for a variety of needs and purposes.

I deliver a deeply dynamic, and integrative facilitation with an imperative focus on:

  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Self Awareness


I have shared this experience with:


  • Professional athletes & organisations
  • Small & medium business’
  • Schools
  • Yoga students
  • Trainers, coaches and mentors
  • Men’s groups
  • Online

To access and connect to this in the palm of your hand check out my informative and educational podcast:

Bespoke Facilitation Creation and Delivery

Insight into working with me as your Facilitator

One of my specialities is working with groups to help them transform their mindset, hack their biology and reduce their stress levels for clarity and productivity.

I strongly believe it is essential to “Listen and Ask First” – to make sure that the workshop provided is exactly what your people need. I create and facilitate bespoke workshops, tailored to your specific needs.


Book me to create and facilitate a powerful experiential workshop for your group to create lasting change and shift in mindsets of attendees.

The way I work is we will have an initial consult where a brief is agreed.

I will then create a proposal for you to meet your key objectives and for you to sign off on.

If required, we may also run a survey for all your workshop attendees prior to the session, to make sure the content presented is tailored to their current needs (this additional research step is for an extra fee).

Half Day Facilitation – starting at $2500

Full Day Facilitation – starting at $4500

Media Form

If you are a writer, business/ company, creator, editor, entrepreneur or producer and would like to request a collaboration, facilitation or an interview for a story, event, podcast, or video with me, please submit the form below to help us better address your request.

Please note that I may not be unable to respond to all inquiries and alignment is first priority.

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