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A mastermind to have you fit for service, performance and scale.

You’re an established leader or achiever in your field, you may also be an entrepreneur or creative?

You know what is possible, and you are connected to the vision for your mission and purpose.

You know you’re here to change lives, realise your potential and inspire others to have the same.

You’re well established and looking to uplevel,

You may have mastered your current level, but you can feel the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

You’re putting it in, showing up and still are left to ask,

“What’s changing? Am I doing enough?”



Bridging the gap between your vision and where you want to be isn’t just about having the hard skills of push, grind and strategy anymore; having an able physical body isn’t the only tool you need to finish the marathon, it’s equally your mental and emotional strength that gets you over the line.

Effective leadership, and being fit for service, performance and scale requires something other than hard work and a 6 step marketing strategy; it asks of you, self awareness, self regulation, self motivation, empathy and communication skills, it requires your emotional intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours will I need to spend on myself?

You will need roughly 30 – 60 minutes daily + the group call twice a month. Consistency is key not overwhelm, and space creates the growth.

Will this program help me if I haven't got a business/ project/ mission yet?

Yes, on the proviso that you are looking to move forward with one of these goals. If you have read about the intention of the mastermind and feel it could move you forward into a higher pursuit, please complete the application process so that we can see where you are at. 

I feel I need personal support too, for ‘other’ stuff and confidence, will I get that in the group?

The group is built on shared values, and a safe growth space. You will find tremendous value and connection there. However I have limited 1:1’s available in VIP to accompany this mastermind for extra support and higher accountability.

If I can't make it for whatever reason; say a workshop, will the content be recorded so I don't miss it?

Yes, all content will be recorded, no one will miss out. Life happen’s, but you must not make excuses. This mastermind is a commitment to showing up.

Will I be able to keep all the content after the mastermind completes?

Yes, you have 12 months access to the group after completion, so all mastermind calls, live workshops etc- are there for you. All PDF documents and tools are yours to keep forever, we hope you continue to use them for a lifetime.

I've just started a small business, am I the right fit?

Yes this could be exactly for you, please complete the application!

Is there refunds with this mastermind?

All sales are final, we don’t offer a refund because we only work with people who are ALL in and don’t look for a way out. We are certain that we rise to meet the energy of those around us. We are fully committed to stepping in and giving YOU our all- and we ask that you meet us and the mastermind with the same energy and regard.

get clear,
be confident