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Program AWARENESS by Dan Ballard


Develop self awareness that will help you throughout life and in achieving your success as you define.

This program will help you generate the means, ability and tools to become self aware. It will help you manage your emotions, align your behaviour with your values. You will understand how to correctly empower your self image and develop yourself.

Investment – $33


Program CORE by Dan Ballard


The core process is a practical short course to reveal your core values and align them according to your individual or business needs, goals and life.

This course will align you from the inside out. Enhancing your motivation, reducing stress for greater wellbeing, purpose and direction.

Investment – $55


Program BOUNDARIES by Dan Ballard


Build better boundaries the informed, confident and kind way.

This short course will help you to unapologetically free up your time, money and energy for your priorities, peace and freedom; without feeling bad for it.

An interactive short course to gain the practical tools and personal insight to align yourself where it is most important for your life, needs and greater pursuits.

Investment Now – $99


Featured Challenge

* We surveyed 60 participants from the first round of 21 w/ Dan.

✓ Everyone became aware of change and gained from participating. The community reported changes in self awareness, confidence, self empowerment and belief. With 3/4 surveyed rating their feelings of success with accountability highly.

21 with Dan Sign Up

“It’s not what Dan can offer you, its are you ready?”

I jumped at the chance when the opportunity to work with Dan arised. The daily challenges, group accountability and Dan’s personal guidance allowed me to experience unexpected growth and deep self reflection. The support, growth and accountability was something I have never seen or experienced with any other program.


Coach / Dad / Host

“The 21 was a call to action, it challenged us all to rise above doubt, excuses and ‘life’ to step up.”

As a procrastinating over-thinker these seemingly simple daily tasks returned me to my baseline and centered my focus on ACTING rather than PLANNING.

It left me feeling accomplished at the end of each task which built good habits and pushed me to DO more every day.

Dan’s attitude towards encouragement was supportive yet subtly challenged the inner winner in us all to rise above doubt, excuses and “life” to step up and put ourselves first.


Manager/ Muso/ Creative

“21 w/Dan is simple & insightful with essential tools”

The program is designed to provide you with essential tools to develop healthy habits that can be easily incorporated into daily life.

This program taught me about accountability and aided me in testing my boundaries, both mind and body. I completed the program with a sense of accomplishment as well as awareness of my true potential.

Dan has positively impacted my life in many forms and has played a huge role in my journey of self awareness and growth. I couldn’t recommend Dan and this program more!


Preschool Teacher

“I have lower anxiety from 21 w/Dan; I feel calm, in control and purposeful. A lot stronger and more energetic with the tools.”

I am experiencing lower levels of anxiety, more certainty and control. More self awareness and catching thoughts. Kinder with my self talk and I definitely feel more calm. It was really effective because it was easy to follow and it was fun, with the element of challenge.


Singer/ Musician & Entertainer

“21 w/Dan changed my misguided perspective on life.”

The daily challenges immediately focused all of my energies inwards and forced me to concentrate solely on myself….my flaws, insecurities, hangups, but also things about myself of which I am proud. This challenge made me realize that self love is the building block for a more meaningful, healthier, and spiritual life. Commitment to oneself through these challenges opened a door for me to enjoy my own company and to attain fulfillment through the simplest of activities. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, constantly procrastinating about what has happened in the past and worrying about what may or may not happen tomorrow. 21 with Dan changed my misguided perspective on life.


Vetenary Neurologist & Neurosurgeon

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