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   Get On With It (Momentum)


Unlocked Immersion

“Welcome to understanding and unearthing your potential”

Location: Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Level Up Purpose Mastermind & Immersion

“A selective mastermind embodiment process for successors of the unlocked immersion experience”

Location: Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia


“It feels like a ton of bricks have been lifted, I can breathe again. I have a lot of confidence in what Dan can bring”

It was amazing to feel supported in every step of the journey, it’s beautiful. Dan just knows when to be there. I found something I didn’t know I was looking for through the process, with how it was put together. I have a lot of confidence in what Dan can bring, and how he can help. The experience of going through cancer had me holding on, now I can go home.


Cancer Surviour & Teacher

I can honestly say this was the most enlightening experience of my life, I have the tools at my disposal

I went into the experience as open as I could, and gained so much insight into myself. I was able to identify core values and go deeper into beliefs that held me back. Guided through many physical + mental challenges as a team, I was able to open up to myself and others, to be vulnerable and honest. I can honestly say this was the most enlightening experience of my life on a journey I was fortunate to go through with incredible people who never judged, and only supported each other, every single step of the way. I often have flashbacks of so many fond memories. Dan pours his whole heart and soul into these experiences, you will feel that from the moment you begin to well after it’s over.


International Salesforce Consultant

“Now I really do feel I can be confident in who I am.”

Now, I really do feel I can show up as myself, and be confident in who I am. Knowing people aren’t actually viewing me the way I was probably just viewing myself. I’m super excited for myself and the business.


CEO Mytech Mobile Computer Technician

“It’s been life changing for me”

It’s been such a life changing experience for me, and I know so many people at home that would do anything to be here.


Yoga Teacher & Mum

“I have had plenty of breakthroughs, words can’t really explain it”

If you’ve ever felt stuck, looking for purpose and direction, this journey has done wonders for me, I have had plenty of breakthroughs, words can’t really explain it all, it’s opened up a whole new word after struggling so long with self hatred. I have found a state of forgiveness, it’s given me the tools and the skillset to dig deep to ask the right questions after feeling scared to take it on initially.



“He just knows how to bring out the best in people. You walk away feeling free and lighter”

This week has been absolutely amazing for me, this is the second time I have done Dan’s retreat, go looking for what you are trying to find, and Dan is there, he helps you do that and knows just how to see people for who they are and bring out their inner truth, so they walk away feeling light


Law Assistant

get clear,
be confident