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We are the pre-eminent social animal on the planet.

Our survival depends on connection and our abilities to connect well with others. When we are in good connection with ourselves and others, we thrive.

Community is a big focus for me, and part of my deep seated value system in my heart. From an early age I have loved bringing people together. These days I do this very intentionally for an enjoyable experience and a desirable outcome that improves the quality of life for thousands of people.

Dan yoga journeys

yoga & meditation opened up my world within and out…

Giving back to Community through yoga

inspired community movement & connection…

that’s my way of giving back in a powerful and rewarding way.

Breathe App by Our Vitality
Breathe App by Our Vitality

What’s your goal? Do you already have a vision of the person you’d like to become?


Whether it’s to build healthier habits, increase energy, resilience or your overall health – Your goals are unique to you and we want to help you reach them.


In an age of compounding stress, overwhelm and disconnect we believe self reliance, resilience and connection determines how well we respond to the demands of life.


Our mission is to empower people by giving them practical tools, resources and knowledge to increase resilience, connection and willpower throughout the day.

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