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I am an inspired student and life enthusiast.

Through my services I continue to evolve and develop alongside the many people I come into contact with daily in Australia, and around the globe. This is the most important thing to me.

My mantra: “who I am and what I do are one”

Introverted and intuitive in nature with a mission to improve the quality of life for people on the planet using my dynamic approach. I spend a lot of time by myself, mostly to get clear, learn and recharge. I deeply value connecting people and sharing a variety of experiences..

I have a channelling ability to enrich the lives of those around me, and that has grown from turning my pain, struggles and challenges into meaning and purpose.  I’ve been dealt some hard hands that have ultimately led me to be the person I am today.

It’s a highly rewarding process to creatively pour who I am, into what I do for a decade now. Designing the life that I really want to be living.

“I believe in challenging the status quo, because we are all powerful creative beings. I like to make things easier and help people. It brings me joy and fulfilment”

Understanding + Credentials

He is the CEO of Prosperity Life and Director of Our Vitality.

Through his authentic, stand alone brand he has empowered others to understand, develop and unearth their own potential, by adding value to their lives.

He transforms important, and complex understandings into easy to digest resources, education and experiences to help you grow.

Leveraging applied wisdom, knowledge and a decade of trainer/ practitioner/ educator experience conducting 17,000 + bookings around the globe. Dan has guided and supported his students, clients, guests, peers and participants in overcoming the physical, mental and emotional barriers that prevented the fulfilment of their needs, goals and desires. He has truly crafted a life on purpose.

Skills & Relevant Accreditation

Registered International Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher/ Educator


Registered Breathwork Practitioner & Therapist


Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & Practitioner (CBT)


Qualified & Registered Personal Trainer (10yrs)


Conditioning & Performance Coach (8yrs)


High Performance Mentor

Philosophy + Approach

I deeply value an integrative eastern approach for our western world. My time in Bali and India particularly, of all places I have travelled to learn, study and refine my own world view has influenced my teachings a great deal.

In the east when there is an issue of concern, the mind says “what can I take away”

To the mind of the west, when an issue of concern arises, the mind says “what can I add, what more can I get?”

I believe we are in need of wisdom and knowledge in this age of information overload. We are owned in the environment of stress, which overwhelms our intelligence and functionality.

Science has its place (which I am trained and very much interested in integrating), but we must not limit ourselves to the true healing and self realisation capacity we already hold within. The exploration and evolution of our consciousness is exciting stuff.

Transforming important, and complex understandings into easy to digest resources, education and experiences to help others grow is my life’s work. We are all creative beings, I honour this in myself and those I work with using a dynamic integrative approach, drawing from:


  • Philosophy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Behavioural Science
  • Psychological Science
  • Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Performance Training & Development
  • Prevailing Wisdom
  • Healing Modalities

I am particularly concerned and interested in:

  1. Identifying and altering negative thought patterns
  2. Belief systems & behaviour
  3. Relating to others in positive ways

By altering thinking patterns, behaviour change is activated. It is based on the notion through cognitive understanding that the way we perceive the world influences how we feel emotionally.

It is people’s thoughts about a situation that affects how they feel, not the actual situation.

I am focussed on quick and effective strategy with the emphasis on problem solving and behaviour change.

I am also closely concerned with:

  • How we attend to and gain information about the world
  • How that information is stored and processed by the brain
  • How we solve problems, think and formulate language.

And interested in:

  1. Thoughts
  2. Attention
  3. Memory
  4. Comprehension
  5. Consciousness
  6. Perception
  7. Language
  8. Reasoning
  9. Problem solving abilities

The primary key principle to empowered living in all cultures is self-reliance. To enhance the quality of life for millions of people, organisations and the planet – self-reliance at an individual level is backbone of lasting change:

In health it shows up as:

  • Disease prevention
  • Physical/ mental fitness + resilience
  • Appropriative self care

In relationships it presents as:

  • Communication + skills
  • Empathy/ connection
  • Self awareness

In professional performance it could show as:

  • An individual skill set, creativity and problem solving
  • Resilience + determination
  • Innovation
  • Connection + social skill

The work with the players is really paying off, particularly in their mindsets. They are really strong and calm now

The work and job Dan plays with the players is really paying off, particularly the mindset work. I’ve never seen certain players so calm, these guys are getting a really strong mindset.


Central Coast Mariners Coaching Staff

I am more emotionally intelligent and can honestly say that I truly feel inner happiness for the first time

After my marriage seperation, I was suffering with some deep pain. I reached out to Dan and asked about the possibility of true inner happiness. That was the best thing I have ever done for myself. From the moment we connected he helped me open my heart and mind, and I learnt it was possible to love myself first. He helped me address my limited thoughts and beleifs of myself and some childhood traumas that I was unaware I was holding onto. I owe so much to Dan as after 30 years of being alive, I am finally “livin” my life.


CEO Meraki Group, Entrepreneur and Director of Multiple Restaurants

I can honestly say this was the most enlightening experience of my life, I have the tools at my disposal

I have always continually strived to improve and grow, but had barriers that often held back my mental state and self belief which I couldn’t put a finger on. I have gained so much insight into myself. I was able to feel safe and open up to myself and others. To be vulnerable and honest as I went deeper into my core values and beliefs that held me back. I now have the tools at my disposal to continue working on improving who I am and how I live.


International Salesforce Consultant

Working with Dan this year has taken us to the top and made a real differeance for the boys, results show that

Physically we all feel better than ever, but our mentality this season is so strong and Dan’s work is really helping us with that as a team. Getting back to basics and working on wellbeing has been a big driver of how we are playing and performing.


International Football Player

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